Big Ol’ Stack

The big ol' stack itself.

The big ol’ stack itself.

I fear that I’m a bit belated in submitting my stack for review. I’ve just returned from a trip to Seattle and Portland, and am happy to report that I managed to pick up some extra contenders on my stop in at Daedalus Books in Portland.

I yearned to dive into the books I bought right away, but found myself stuck: If I started them before 1 December, they wouldn’t count, so I’d have to stop in the middle. Luckily for me, it’s December now.

Anyway, my goal for my inaugural Bookstravaganza is 15 books, and you may notice that there are more than 15 books in my stack. It’s true! Like my fellow ‘Stravaganzers, though, I like to read what mood and circumstance dictate, so I thought I’d leave myself some wiggle room.

In the stack I have food writing, gender politics, memoirs, history, and of course a big dose of CanLit, because apparently I like huddling under the covers in a sobbing heap on a regular basis. But that’s a post for another time.

I’m raring to get going, so let’s do it!


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