Digging in!


This is only the physical portion of my book stack, the books that I’ve let pile up because I can’t resist buying them. Most of the books I will be reading this month will come from my Goodreads list or will be randomly selected based on what is available and intriguing at the library.

This stack does a pretty good job of summing me up, in a way. (It’s organized by colour, if you were wondering.) I read a lot of non-fiction, I love a good book about gender/sexuality and social structures, I’m always thinking about the advertising and marketing industry, I’m fascinated by language and the evolution of meaning, etiquette books bring me a lot of joy (as do proper soup spoons and dessert forks), and I adore ink and visual mediums. Most of the books on this stack really do say something about my personality, you definitely can learn a lot about a person based on their bookshelf!

From the top!

Gone Girl: I’m mostly reading this because I try to stay somewhat in the loop with pop culture and there was a cheap paperback copy at the store when I was buying groceries. Often, as in this case, I pick these pop culture books based on how much debate and chatter they cause; other examples have included The Hunger Games and 50 Shades of Grey. Recently, I’ve been skimming (in an unsuccessful attempt to avoid spoilers) a lot of really interest think pieces about Gone Girl, so I’m looking forward to giving this one a shot. I think it’s going to be my first book for Bookstravaganza!

The Social Life of Ink: I’ve been eagerly waiting the release of this book since Dr. Bishop presented at the Broadus Lecture in 2011-12. I’ve been gazing longingly at my copy for over a month because I have been saving it for Bookstravaganza. So excited to read this one!

Hylozoic Ground: If you’ve been to Simons in West Edmonton Mall, you’ve seen one of Beesley’s incredible art/science installations, the Simons Aurora. I was privileged to attend the unveiling of this piece and hear Beesley talk about his work. Hylozoic Ground is a lovely book that talks about his work; both amazing works of science and beautiful art installations, they’re magnificent fusions of art and technology. I’ve been saving this book for ages until I could truly give it the attention it deserves, I’m looking forward to finally cracking it open!

Promiscuities: Naomi Wolf. Enough said.

The Stuff of Thought: I bought this book a ridiculously long time ago, but I always forget to read it until my face is in a different book. No distractions this time!

The Border Trilogy: I picked this up while waiting to meet a friend for coffee before a concert. Then, of course, I had to lug it around all night. I first heard about this book during a class on post-apocalyptic lit and it’s been on my radar ever since. I’m hoping I’ll love it.

Prodigal Tongue: This was an impulse purchase at LitFest! (One of the best kinds of impulse purchases. Shoes, stationery, and nail polish are close contenders.)

Campus Trilogy: I’m only reading the first and second novels in this collection, I read the third for a seminar class on portrayals of academia in film and literature. I always meant to go back and read the other two!

Emily Post: As I mentioned above, I really love etiquette books! Obviously a biography about the queen of etiquette, Emily Post, was an obvious purchase, but it has been sitting on my bookshelf for a long time. Like, two or three years. Oops.

This Changes Everything: I saw Naomi Klein’s book tour talk during LitFest for this book and she rocked my world. I’ve been really looking forward to digging deep into this one. I think climate change and energy discussions can be tricky to bring up in Alberta, but I think it’s really important to talk about the steps we need to take to protect our world and transition into new ways of powering our lives!

No Logo: I’m really conscious of advertising, partly because much of what I do as a career is intimately related to advertising and marketing. I love to read about the industry, both in positive and negative lights! Looking forward to thinking more about how people relate to brands and how that relationship can be a benefit and a burden.

With only a few hours until the official start of Bookstravaganza, I’m really pumped to dive right into this lovely little pile of books for a strong start to my first year as a reader!


One response to “Digging in!

  1. I read 2/3 of the Border Trilogy last Bookstravaganza (or maybe the one before?) – it is astonishingly good. Cormac McCarthy is everything.

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