Matthew’s Stack, Minus the Library Books

MatthewStack2014I’d like to pretend that I did something artsy with this photo in which you can’t see the top of the stack. That, somehow, you can believe the stack rises forever–all books not pictured. Every book I will read until I die is piled on this stack that extends into the sky. The neighbours have come to admire its structural integrity. Birds circle it, coveting pages for their nests.  “Will it fall when he retrieves his next book?” onlookers whisper to each other. You likely heard about my story on the CBC.

In reality, I’m bad at taking photos. Sometimes I forget to focus on what’s in the frame.

What is not pictured are all the library books I plan on reading. (And too many of these books are pictured–remember, my goal is only 15.) Expect surprises when you come to my reviews. This stack isn’t even a road map for how I plan on reading these books. So much depends on mood. And as in previous years, I’m always open to a good recommendation!



10 responses to “Matthew’s Stack, Minus the Library Books

  1. Is The Stone Angel a first-time read for you??? It’s one of my all time favs! I read No Great Mischief this year and it’s wonderful too. Icefields might make my stack too.

    • Shh…no one’s supposed to see that I haven’t read it yet. (That’s why it’s tucked away in the centre of the stack.) I’ve been eager to read it for quite some time because I hear that from a lot of people, so it may be one of my first reads! And I love Alistair MacLeod, so I’m looking forward to that one too.

  2. Some of the titles in here are just super enjoyable and I have NO idea what the books are about e.g. Monkey Island, The Sound of Things Falling (so many onomatopoeia possibilities), No Great Mischief. =) I saw Not That Kind of Girl in Urban Outfitters (not a huge surprise, I guess, haha). I decided I would borrow it from the library…and now wait for your review!

  3. Ooh Prodigal Summer. I love that one. It’s full of a beautiful comnection nature. I was thinking about the character Deanna Wolfe and her tie to moon cycles and wilderness before I feell asleep the other night. And I now realize the Bean Trees which I am planning to read is also by Barbara Kingsolver and am now more keen to read it.

  4. I was literally broken up with while reading Prodigal Summer, and it didn’t wreck the book for me because it is THAT GOOD. I’m so happy you’re reading it.

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