Books and competition? Count me in!


I’ve watched Bookstravaganza grow from the sidelines since it started as a friendly competition a few years ago and I’m really excited to be joining in as one of the readers this year!

I’ve always been an avid reader and I love to devour a giant pile of books. Growing up, books were my constant companions; Scholastic Book Orders and library days were my favourite parts of my elementary school experience and I’ve never looked back! My first trip to the Edmonton Public Library was amazing and opened up my world of reading with their generous collections, my yellow library card was well-worn when I finally traded it in for a U of A L-Pass. I’m really glad to be reading in support of the Edmonton Public Library’s Welcome Baby program, I believe literacy and a love of reading starts early in life. Welcome Baby connects Edmonton children to a library card, board books, games, and so much more, including drop-in  programs, computers with age-appropriate games. 

I’ve set a high goal for my first year participating in Bookstravaganza, but I like a challenge! I definitely have a competitive streak and I’m looking forward to putting it to use for a great cause. During and after finishing my English degree, the amount of pleasure reading I did plummeted, I’m excited to finally be re-embracing evenings of tea, books, and jazz music. I only have a few extra days off during the Christmas holidays but I’ve put together a large stack of books, renewed my library card, and read my family in on my strict reading schedule (I love a good spy show and terrible puns).

Here’s to an exciting December full of books!


One response to “Books and competition? Count me in!

  1. Hi from another newbie! Guess I better get my stack post ready… my goal is pretty modest but a stretch, I’m going for 10 and my average for this year is 5 books per month.

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