I’mma Read Them Books – Arielle’s Stack

The stack (minus 2 I'm waiting for)

The stack (minus 2 I’m waiting to be shipped)

I’mma read that book.

I’mma school that book. 

I’mma get take that book to college.

I’mma give that book some knowledge.

I’mma read I’mma read I’mma read

I’mma read I’mma read I’mma read

I’mma read I’mma read I’mma read

I’mma read that book.

(Inspired by “Ima Read” by Zebra Katz)

I’m still waiting on two other books for my stack – Science For Her by Megan Amram, and The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion.  We just read the saddest book in book club last week, Giller nominee All My Puny Sorrows by Miriam Toews, so I’ve picked a reasonably “light” selection of books, with a few exceptions.  There are some local authors in the stack, some Can lit, some Icelandic lit (!), some non-fiction, some humour, some travel writing, some books by authors who I’ve loved a long time, some drama, and some books that no one understands why the heck I haven’t read them yet (i.e. The Alchemist? Slaughterhouse Five? How have you not read those yet Arielle how dare you).

Unlike every other Bookstravaganza year, I am going to read ALL of these books.  Well, there’s 17 total, and I am going to read 15 of them, because that is my goal, and I’m tired of remaining at my consistent 10.  I know I’m not going to win, but I’d really like to come in third.  Or fourth.  I have high life aspirations.

(If I can’t come in third or fourth, at least I can make up reading raps.)

If you’d like, you can choose to sponsor me for your Bookstravaganza donation.  You can choose a set total amount, or you can choose to pledge a certain amount of money per books.  And of course, maybe your choice of the next book you pick up will be inspired by reviews (unless, of course, all of these books are awful).  You can find out more about our charity, The Edmonton Public Library’s Welcome Baby program, on our Donate page.


11 responses to “I’mma Read Them Books – Arielle’s Stack

  1. Which ones are Icelandic? I read Burial Rites recently and was kind of underwhelmed… I guess that wasn’t exactly Icelandic, as in, the author wasn’t Icelandic. Anyway. Looks like a great stack, and it’s not all light. 419 is pretty heavy (and great.) The Reader too (I think, haven’t read.)

    I will be delighted if I can read 10. I’m going to be cheating with short books and audiobooks and stuff to get there 🙂

    • “From The Mouth of the Whale” by Sjón and “The Hitman’s Guide to Housecleaning” by Hallgrímur Helgason are both Icelandic books (translated into English of course, I’m not quite that talented).
      Yeah there are definitely some heavier books – Murakami isn’t always the happiest too, but there are certainly enough light books there to intersperse between the deeper ones! I don’t know if any of us have used audiobooks before (I think some of us read faster than audiobooks talk) but short books are definitely the trick! (I sometimes read a short book of poetry for a quick hour-long read to bring my totals up).

      • Nice, look forward to your reviews!

        Audiobooks must be slower, but I will listen to them when I’m in the car and couldn’t read otherwise. I get an hour a day alone in the car and I must put it to good use!

  2. Also, I have the Murakami book on hold at the library…so we’ll see if that comes in before the end of December…or I’ll wait to see what you think of it…

  3. I can’t make it out in the picture; which Murakami book is that? I’ve had his books recommended to me a few times, and one of these days I finally need to read some.
    Slaughterhouse-Five is one of my all time favourites!

  4. I’m really intrigued by The Hitman’s Guide to Housecleaning, it sounds like it would be rather entertaining!

    I also haven’t read The Alchemist, I always see it around but I’m never inspired to pick it up.

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