Alphabetical order, of course

Alphabetical by author, of COURSE.

Full disclosure: as soon as I took this picture, I put all of the books back on my bookshelves where they belong.

This year, I’ve set my goal for 20, though I honestly can’t tell if that’s a reasonable goal or not. In Bookstravaganza 2012, I read 21 books. In Bookstravaganza 2013, I read five.

(Actually, I think I read seven or eight, but I forgot/never got around to posting the last few reviews, so as per the rules of Bookstravaganza, they don’t count towards my total.)

Last year, I was recovering from surgery and tired all the time. I spent much more time listening to Christmas music and making crafts and gifts than I did reading, because reading always seemed to put me to sleep. This year, I want to commit to Bookstravaganza more, so I’ve set a goal that I think will challenge me while still being reasonable.

On the other hand I still have a ton of Christmas gifts to make, so I might have to find myself some audio books if I want to reach my goal.

Here’s my stack. This stack really excites me. I’ve got books by old favourites (Stephen King, Agatha Christie, Kurt Vonnegut), books by new favourites (David Levithan, Ransom Riggs, Markus Zusak), books by local authors (Dolly Dennis’s Loddy Dah, Janice MacDonald’s The Roar of the Crowd), and books I’ve been meaning to read forever (like John Dies at the End, and 40 Below–no one tell Jason I haven’t read it yet). At the top, barely visible, is my Kobo, with over 300 unread options sitting on it.

I’ve got a few more books that I want to pick up for this year’s Bookstravaganza–from what I understand, it’s pretty ridiculous that I haven’t read The Giver yet, and I just found out that Scott Westerfield has a new book out. I’m fairly certain this is the first year I haven’t had any Neil Gaiman or John Green in my stack, which makes me kind of sad, but I think I’ve already read everything by them both.

Any other suggestions? What should I add to my stack? And what’s in your to-read stack this December?



2 responses to “Alphabetical order, of course

    • Thanks! I’m excited by the Christie one too. Mysteries and the Caribbean are like, two of my favourite things! I actually have a lot of unread Christie on my bookshelf — and more on my Kobo! I just picked the first one I found for the stack pic.

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