Welcome, Welcome, Everyone…


…Now you’re here, let’s have some fun!

Those are the first two lines of the welcome song I sing at the beginning of every Baby Laptime and Sing, Sign, Laugh and Learn program I run. That’s right, I work for EPL. This means that I see firsthand the ongoing (truly, lifelong) benefits of early literacy, and that I’m very proud to be raising money for their Welcome Baby program this year.

For years, I’ve watched with envy as Bookstravaganza has run successfully. I’ve read along as these guys have been buried by books and have subsequently devoured said books, emerging blinky-eyed and satisfied into January. I haven’t felt able to participate until now because school has run my life for the past seven years. December is a stressful time for students, and I didn’t feel like I could do Bookstravaganza justice until I could devote myself to the project. As soon as I’m done school, I thought, I’ll be ready.

Well, as it turns out, maybe you can never be truly ready for Bookstravaganza. My December will be spent starting new projects and continuing ongoing ones. In my excitement about these projects, in my desire to be swept up in them, I asked myself whether I should really be challenging myself to read a big ol’ stack of books next month. My conclusion? Absolutely I should.

My first year away from school has been a year of rediscovering reading for pleasure. I went through books like nobody’s business as a child and teenager, and as a young adult I just kind of…stopped. 2014 will always be a meaningful year in my memory because it’s the year I started again. And what better way to celebrate that than reading a whole stack of books?


One response to “Welcome, Welcome, Everyone…

  1. Hey, I’m a Bookstravaganza newbie too. Which library do you work at? I’ve done Baby Laptime and Sing & Sign. Such great programs. I went to Woodcroft and sometimes Riverbend.

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