Fluff your pillows, steep that tea and get ready to read

With the slowly growing crust of snow and the quickly growing clusters of twinkly lights, December is creeping up on us. Not only does this mean that I am less than a fortnight away from being 26, it also means Bookstravaganza is set to commence. Readers are fingering their book stacks and ruffling pages eager to dive into world’s built on black and and white paper.

Why do I do it?

Why not? I enjoy reading and it’s for a good cause.

Since I was a kid, I always was a reader. While schoolmates were running from me at recess and putting garbage in my shoes, I could always rely on books with their magic and adventure to be my friend.  In books an outsider, a quiet bookworm could make friends with unicorns and time travel across worlds. In books there were orphans with cruel aunts and  endless. I didn’t feel so alone or so poorly off.

Now that I am older, and my shoes are garbage free and my friends run (or at least drive) to me, books don’t need to be clasped to my chest like armour. They don’t need to smooth over those chips in my heart like putty filling in the pits in a wall. But they can help my heart expand. Whether it be with fictional stories or non-fictional accounts of living, more and more I see we all just want love. We all just want to be heard, and I think I can credit layers of my emotional intelligence to reading.

So I will crack open my novel and open my heart to the author’s own little universe. I have no intention of being a voracious reading. No intention of skimming pages in the attempts to don the Bookstravaganza crown(which could be a thing, that I could make if anyone is interested). But I will savour the words and if the words taste sour, I will rinse my mouth out with tea and close that universe over in search of a new one that makes my cells resonate with a resounding YES!

Support me in my reading. This year Bookstravaganza is raising and donating all of our money to Edmonton Public Library’s Welcome Baby program. Donate and put books into the tiny pink grasping fingers of a baby girl or boy. Let them discover their own worlds. And if their world is cruel let them be comforted by the possibility of other worlds.

I think reading is why I have never given up hope. Even when I have had thoughts like it is all pointless, what is the point of living. I never gave up, because I grew up with books and in books something could always get better no matter how bad it was.

May your shelves overflow with good books and may your heart fill up with love.

Happy Reading. IMG_0093


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