Bookstravaganza 2014: On your mark, get set, READ!

I can not believe it is almost December. Not only does that mean Christmas, it means Bookstravaganza! The month where a group of friends challenge each other to read as many books as possible, while raising money for a lovely literary cause. This year we raise our glass to the Edmonton Public Library’s Welcome Baby Program ( I thank you in advance for choosing to click the donate button above and giving to a cause that puts books in the hands of our newest generation.

When I took up this challenge last December, I remember my mother said to me (several times), “This is a great cause, but WHY December?! There is so much going on right now!” That statement, is both true and untrue, I actually find myself quite busy the majority of the year, which is precisely why I need something like Bookstravaganza to focus my energy. I love to read, but I also love a variety of other activities equally well. This means reading gets pushed to the back burner time and time again. Should I need a challenge or a worthy cause to encourage me to sit still, read and write? No, I shouldn’t. However, that’s where I am at and I will do what it takes to chip through the mountain of books that I have acquired over time.

So during this holiday season, if you see me as a bit of a wallflower, with a book in hand, know that I have chosen this path out of a place of love. Please enjoy our reviews and thank you again for any donation you choose to give. You’ll be putting smiles on our faces and on a child’s face too. Everyone knows, story times create some of the best family memories.

Words and signs everywhere ;)

Words and signs everywhere 😉


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