Louis Riel: A Comic Strip Biography, Chester Brown

louis riel

Let’s be real – I’ve wanted to read this book for years, and when it came down to either The Handmaid’s Tale or a comic book about one of the most tragic figures in Canada’s history, I was always going to pick the comic book. I’ve read 31 other books this month – I earned it!

I have a wicked sinus headache and one more book to read today, so I’m going to keep this blissfully short. This is one of the coolest comics you’re going to have the opportunity to read, so read it. The comic book genre, if you can call it a genre, is capable of lots of things (travel writing, as we learned with Guy Delisle earlier this month) – and this biography of Louis Riel is perfectly rendered. The only thing is that I wanted to know more about everything. The comic form can do lots of things, but unfortunately, it can’t capture every minute detail of a man’s life. So I’m going to be reading a bunch of books about Louis Riel in the new year, apparently.

One last thing: my brother did not know who Louis Riel was. I had to explain it to him. I think our education system might be failing, guys.

Books read: 32


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