Open Pit, Marguerite Pidgeon


Another book by a local author! I read this in the tropical sun, listening to the waves and breathing in the stale, but ever so moist Mexican air. I tried to picture El Salvador. I have never been, but I found that Pigeon’s descriptions of the country really vivid. Pigeon, although. Canadian, lived near the Honduras-El Salvador border for several months. This is her first novel.

The plot of Open Pit is rather gripping. Like my previous read, this novel follows a few different characters. Her strongest is Danielle Byrd, a human rights activist addicted to adventure and taking on other people’s sorrows who is kidnapped with four other Canadians by a former Revolutionary fighter and his group demanding production halted at a gold mine and the exhumation of his family’s remains after coming to a violent end in the revolution. Back in Canada, Danielle’s daughter Aida discovers her mother’s fate and goes to El Salvador to find her.

Generally I thought this to be an interesting book and a good enough first novel. The prose was a little awkward in sections, and not very poetic, as I had hoped. The descriptions, on the other hand, were sturdy enough, and very detailed without the poetics.

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