The King’s Speech: How One Man Saved the British Monarchy, Mark Logue and Peter Conradi



“When the fresh patient comes to me the usual query is: “Will I be able to speak like the King?” and my reply is: “Yes, if you will work like he does.”

Years ago, you might remember a little film called The King’s Speech that won a few awards here and there, including the Academy’s Best Picture.  My aunt and neighbour Stacy gave me this book a year or so ago, and now I’ve finally made my way through my bookshelf to reading it today.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that though The King’s Speech was written by a descendant of Lionel Logue, George VI’s speech therapist, Mark Logue also found an excellent co-writer to help tell this personal, but also very charming story (sometimes I can’t help but to hate when non-writers think they can just try their hand at writing because of they are either related to someone famous, lived through some sort of disaster, or worst of all, because they are bored.)  

I guess what I appreciated most about this book was the simplicity, but importance of the story.  As a person born in an age where the British monarchy have been quite downplayed as both political and religious influences (yet still technically the head of both), I haven’t always grasped the notion of how important they are, even in the symbolic duties they perform.  

Although I haven’t always been sympathetic of the royal family in the past, I really felt for King George VI in this novel, realizing the rather crap nature of his childhood, his relationship with his father and brother, and as a rather shy person, having the throne thrust upon him so suddenly.  And yet he was a man who rose to the occasion, a man who Logue so strongly admired for always coming his appointments, no matter how embarrassing or humiliating they must have been for a grown man, husband, father and royal Duke.  Stripped of all the ridiculous titles or names, Albert Windsor was an extraordinary man to overcome what he did.  And I think that’s what I like about this story most of all.

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