Inside, Alix Ohlin


“Can any of us really save another person? Or is each of us solely responsible for his or her own life?” 

Most of Alix Ohlin’s other books are collections of short stories, and that’s a thing you need to keep in mind. This doesn’t read like a novel as much as a collection of connected tales about deeply unhappy people. Not necessarily a bad thing. My last book, 419, was incredibly plot driven, and this isn’t. This book relies on well-constructed, intertwining character arcs.

So, there are three timelines, three settings, three main characters. Grace, a therapist; Anne, her patient-turned-New York actress; and Mitch, Grace’s ex-husband (also a therapist). Across time and place, they’re all dealing with their own deeply-seeded issues – but all of them tie into that quote at the beginning of this post. Lots of tragedies. The writing is pretty good – engaging, not prone to cliche. I hope, after this book ended, that at least one of the characters found something approximating happiness.

One other thing: this book does not belong to me, and I no longer recalled who provided the loan. Is this your book?

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