Just Getting Started, Todd Babiak

epl_cardsBefore anything else, I think you should take a few minutes and read Omar’s lovely ode to EPL, available here. And now that you’ve read that, I want to talk very briefly about this book, because he did it better than I could.

I love libraries. I work across the square from Stanley Milner, and one of my favourite things is emerging from the office at the end of the day to see that stark facade. For real. Not because it’s particularly attractive, but because that building means a lot more than how it looks. One of my happiest recent memories is an afternoon spent wandering the stacks with Matthew, finding all sorts of things: books about ghost towns, public workshops, and a community space like no others. That’s what libraries have always been. Edmonton would not be Edmonton without our public library system, and this charming history is a fitting 100th birthday gift.

This book is great. Just great. Todd Babiak was the perfect person to write the history of our city’s library system – there are hints of him scattered throughout the book, but he lets the story take centre stage. It’s a story you should read. And (lucky for you) you can find it at your nearest library!

Books read: 25


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