Hang Down Your Head, Janice MacDonald


Shit, guys, I’m really upset that Randy Craig is fictional. I want her to emerge from the pages of this book – kind of like Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, only not, y’know, malevolent. She would slot perfectly into our little crew. Eternal thanks to Janice MacDonald for providing me with this wonderful imaginary friend. I understand that I am a fully-fledged tax-paying adult, but that does not preclude me from  having really kickass imaginary friends to supplement my really kickass non-imaginary friends.

It’s fair to say that I liked everything about this book, except for the handful of typos that the copyeditor missed. Randy Craig is my favourite character right now, Edmonton in the summer is a perfect setting (Petrolia Mall represent!), and I was not expecting the reveal at the end. I had all these theories, and none of them were right! That’s the best kind of mystery. And, conveniently, I’m only going to listen to folk music for the next month or so. I love it when that happens.

Maybe I should learn to play the banjo.

Books read: 21 (watch me go!)


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