A Nation Worth Ranting About, Rick Mercer


“I like politics because, in many ways, it is the theatre of the absurd. I love politics for the same reason I love Monty Python.”

How does Rick Mercer continue to be Canada’s most relevant political satirist? It has been years and he has not lost his ability to lampoon everyone – not just the left or right, but actually everyone. He picks apart things that are, frankly, kind of complicated (robocalls, budget deficits, and so on) and makes them not only relatable, but funny, too. This book, a collection of his rants with a couple of previously unpublished writings, made me laugh so hard that I got the hiccups. I still have them. THANKS RICK.

It also makes you angry. Our politics lacks someone who can make us laugh and make us angry enough to care. Nobody does that – that’s why I keep spoiling my ballots (and Rick actually makes a good point about this in one of his rants). There is nobody in Canadian politics who inspires anyone who isn’t a political hack to get out and vote. That’s why our voter turnout is dismal. I’m not sure what that means. Rick Mercer for PM? It’s better than what we’ve got now.

And because he’s similarly amusing in his astute skewering of Canadian politics, here’s a video of my biggest slam crush, Brendan Macleod:

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