The Fault In Our Stars, John Green

The Fault in Our Stars was not something I initially planned on reading. I happened upon it in a Safeway book bin. Two teens, both fighting cancer, fall in love and then have to deal with their gloomy fates. There was more depth here than in Twilight, still some of the lines come across as a bit cheesy and unrealistic of actual teenage relationships (even though, technically, it is a young adult book).

But who am I too judge this love story? I am not cancer riddled Hazel Grace who is falling in love Augustus Waters (Sobriquet: Gus) and vice versa. Maybe the way they treat and talk to each other is EXACTLY what is needed for these two people to fall in love with one another.

Still, I am flummoxed when society tries to give teenagers the emotional intelligence of adults. I will cut Hazel and Gus some slack, because they have had to grow up faster dealing with death on a daily basis. However, for the rest of adolescence, I know Glee, Gossip Girl etc may seem like the norm, but please know that it is not. If you are just trying to figure out who you are, are not in any dramatic relationship (or any relationship), and feel a bit insecure, that is absolutely normal and okay at your age. I know my adolescence wasn’t glitzy. It was fine. I had nice friends, played volleyball, helped with year book, had crushes on people and had acne (my crushes had acne too), but it wasn’t Sex in the City. It was real life.

Also, talk to your parents and grandparents. They are not the idiots that media make them out to be. They actually love and care about you, unlike scriptwriters.

Sobriquet (n):  a person’s nickname

Gus is the sobriquet of Augustus. 

Flummox (v): perplex, bewilder, confuse

Perhaps teens become flummoxed about their role in society, when media tells them to behave as if they were 20 years older.


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