The Crossing, Cormac McCarthy



Say what you will about Cormac McCarthy, but let it be acknowledged that the man knows how to write a coming-of-age novel. I had several things to do tonight, but a mild headache and the grey, cold night kept me in reading. And after the Kroetsch novel, I really wanted to read about horses for the rest of the day.

The title of this novel is a dead giveaway. It’s about border crossings – three of them, all conducted by the protagonist, Billy, who experiences a melancholic and believable character arc. There are a lot of things McCarthy is the best at (that is why he keeps winning every award) but I think the thing he’s absolutely the best at is character development, because you don’t expect it. He sets up these incredible worlds – honestly, reading this I felt like I was in Mexico. I am in Edmonton, it is December – and then sets people down to exist and grow and learn in the most believable ways.

Cormac McCarthy is one of the best writers alive today, and I think everyone should at least be required to read The Road.

Books read: 18


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