The Studhorse Man, Robert Kroetsch


I started to read this book on Monday. Monday! Since my mother reads the blog, I can’t go into detail on what delayed me – it’s not a very long book, after all, and four days for one book is an absolute travesty when you’re me – but I am thinking this week I need to read many more books. No social interaction. Only reading.

This book is tremendous. Harold Lepage, a studhorse man, has only one goal: to find the perfect mare for his stallion. And that somehow is the backdrop for a tremendous rollicking prairie tale. The characters are big and boisterous, and it slots exactly into the blue sky Alberta landscape that serves as its setting. And nobody ever wrote Edmonton this way. I can see, now, shades of Kroetsch in all my favourite Edmonton writers, and I have to be grateful forever to Kroetsch for that.

Books read: 17 (c’mon, DFR, you can do better than that)


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