Mesmerized, Lauren Dane


He hadn’t tasted her in eleven years, but the phantom feel of her skin against his fingertips still tingled from time to time as the ghost of her lived in him for a breath or two.

Some stories just seem written from the stars.   Mesmerized is no exception.   It seized me completely in the first lines and continued to engage my with utterly fantastic writing, lifelike characters and a story like nothing I have ever heard before.   Mesmerized follows two characters Andrei and Piper.   Lovers long ago and now reunited in the face of total destruction of their Known Universes by an insidious force: the Imperialists.

Andrei and Piper are characters that come to life with every moan off the page.  I’ve never read such a unique relationship.   Piper is the tough-as-nails mercenary who instantly sheds her tough exterior for the love of her life, eager to serve him in any way she can.   Andrei is a brilliant contrast as a hardened man who wants to command, but also to nurture.  His penchant for friendly biting and her tendency to act like a kitten culminates in the perfect symbol of the modern romance.

In addition to best romance story I have ever read, this story absolutely confused me, most likely with its brilliance, with its carefully crafted science fiction space-invasion plot.   I was nearly driven to tears at the intensity and sensitive portrayal of intergalactic genocide Piper and Andrei nearly sacrifice themselves trying to stop.

If I  must admit there any shortcomings with this text, I was a little confused by the elegant classical font of the chapter headings a science fiction novel.  Then again maybe it is appropriate for a novel like this  —   forget Elizabeth and Darcy, Piper and Andrei are a love story for the ages.

Books Read: 11


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