Night, Elie Wiesel

Is it in bad form to read a first person account of the Holocaust at Christmas time? At first I wasn’t sure, but then I thought, “Although this is a somber matter, what better time to reflect on the past and hope for ‘peace on earth, good will to all men’ for the generations to come.”

I think we are desensitized to a lot of things nowadays: violence, sex, intolerance, bad manners etc. So, not only is it important to read books like this, but it is just as important to not take them lightly. We must remember that this ACTUALLY HAPPENED.  It’s not a Hollywood movie. It’s not a dream sequence. It’s not a video game. People were slaughtered and treated like abused animals at the hands of an educated, first world nation. Although we would like to think we are too civilized for something like this to ever happen again, it still does happen in the world and could very well happen again at this level.

I stand behind that any person is pretty much capable of anything (good or bad), depending on the situation, because as humans, we have choice. So much like in a marriage, where you choose to work on your relationship and love that person every single day. We must choose to love our neighbour, every day. We must choose to not dismiss abuse, every day. We must choose to not ignore prejudice, every day. Love is a choice, but so is hate and apathy.


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