John Dies At The End by David Wong

“Dude, you guys won’t believe what just happened to us!”

“You bored a stranger with your stupid-ass story and he pulled out his cock and whipped you with it like a stagecoach driver?”

John Dies At The End is quite simply the most bizarre thing I’ve ever read. The book at its core is a very simple story (invasion by inter-dimensional beings), but everything else around it – from the self admitted unreliable nature of the narration (The main character Dave often comments about how he may or may not be remembering the events clearly due to interference by the inter-dimensional beings) to the outrageous opening involving a meat monster that proclaims that it is “nice to MEAT” John and Dave. Every time I thought I had a grip on the book’s universe, it threw another curve ball that completely changed everything.

This is in fact the books main strength, as I liked not being able to predict what was going to happen. So many books out there now are simply the old story told over and over again. John Dies At The End escapes this by being unpredictable and reading like the ravings of LSD ridden lunatic. Give it a read if you’re looking for something completely different than what you’ll usually find in the bookstore.


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