Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg

I feel behind the trends, having just read this. Many of my coworkers and friends read this book this past summer, leading to rousing choruses of Done is better than perfect! at meetings and while working on projects. I have a weird reaction to popular things – if I’ve gotten in early or just before, I wholeheartedly bandwagon it. If I feel like everyone’s been there, done that, I put it off and become skeptical.

This may be part of the reason I took so long to watch Titanic (which, Caitlin, I am still never forgiving you for) and also why I haven’t seen Inception or The MatrixI think I sometimes feel like I struggle to have my own opinion after hearing everyone else’s.

With that disclaimer, Lean In was fine. I liked parts of it, was bored through others (yep, the motherhood-work-balancing part, because it’s more or less a self-help book in some ways, and this just does not apply to my life), and pleasantly surprised when the last 20 pages of the book turned out to be footnotes. I recognized a lot of myself in the first couple chapters, as I’m sure others have, and drifted off a bit later.

However, I am super, super stoked that Sandberg wrote this, and that so many people I know read it. I’m just starting to learn about gender issues in general, and not just the binary that Sandberg addresses, and I am generally supportive of increasing and contributing to the conversation. You can’t solve everything in the world in one book, anyways. (Unless it’s FACEbook, amiright?)Lean-In-Logo


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