Iran Awakening, Shirin Ebadi



… the women of the world must know that there is only one road to success, and that is to disregard obstacles and difficulties and to have a strong will for victory. There is no problem that cannot be solved.”

Every year for Bookstravaganza, I will read one book about Iran. I’ve been fascinated by the lives of Iranian women, specifically, since Sheila Christie made my first year English class read Persepolis. This book, Iran Awakening, is by a former Iranian judge who, in 2003, won the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts for democracy and human rights in Iran. There aren’t many things to say about this book, other than that she is an extremely impressive woman and the idea of having that much perseverance is astonishing. Hell, I’m a little busy at work and I feel stressed. She would laugh at me.

The writing is also kind of neat at a sentence level. Ebadi has extensive legal training – she was a judge before the 1979 revolution – and that’s reflected in her prose. Everything is measured and almost sublime without any floweriness. Right now, I can appreciate that.

Books Read – 7


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