Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, Ransom Riggs


To share a little, I had nightmares last night from reading Battle Royale, which might help explain why I tend to read more optimistic, adventure-y books. And maybe why I love YA lit, in general, where generally I end up feeling more equipped to overcome anything. I thought this would be a good read for tonight so I could sleep better – there’s even a testimonial from John Green on the back! There are comparisons to Harry Potter in the other blurbs!

This novel, however awesomely-titled it may be and awesomely-named the author is, really just wigged me out.

The author wrote this book with old photographs, mostly of children, for inspiration. (There’s a list of credits to the people who helped him track these ones down in the back.) There are creepy masks, and contortionists, and Santas with no pupils, and omigod. Full marks for tension and sinister atmosphere. Bonus points for including WWII, which is always the most uplifting of topics. I’ve had this on my list since forever to read, but I honestly don’t know if I enjoyed it enough to brave and read the second one.

My imagination is way over-sensitive, in conclusion, and visuals do not help. At all. (I also am strangely creeped out by most dolls, and clowns, and lots of other things, in case you want to scare me next Halloween. It won’t be hard.)


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