Battle Royale, Koushun Takami

I just read 600 pages of forty-two fifteen-year-olds killing each other off – friends, crushes, enemies alike. I’m not really sure how to write about that, so here’s a few thoughts

There is a lot of violence in this book, and I’m not surprised it was made into a movie. It reads like an action movie. There are 42 students to keep track of – their blood is spattered quite liberally over the pages.

I bought this because I read the Hunger Games, and everything I read about the Hunger Games brought this book up. They are different works, although I absolutely, 100% see the validation of the comparisons. 

Translations are always tricky. I read the afterword by Koushun Takami, though, and  he commented that as he wrote the book he deliberately included little wordplay and rhyming so that the translation would be easier – that he hoped it would be translated. I think that’s pretty interesting… I would love to study more translation theory, apparently. That’s the most positive thought I’ve gained from reading this, so I’m ending there. 


Yeesh. I really shouldn’t have read this on a Monday. I’m picking something lighter next.



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