Will Grayson, Will Grayson – John Green & David Levithan

I think I’ve read all of John Green’s novels now.

I just read both Matthew’s and Marina’s posts from last year about this book, to see if I could add something new. I can’t, really. Processing right after reading is hard. I’m glad I started here, though – and I don’t think I’ll forget this book as Bookstravaganza goes on.

So my few thoughts, before I sleep:

  • Is Neutral Milk Hotel any good? If they are in this book, AND April from Parks & Recreation likes them, maybe I should listen to them.
  • When looking to see what else David Levithan has written, because man, his will grayson just hits me so hard, I learned from Wikipedia that he worked on the Babysitters Club series at Scholastic. What.
  • Friendship is so hard and so important. I feel so much love for my Bookstravaganza fellows right now, and for all my friends.

Loved this book, love December, and feeling the need already to start researching synonyms for “love” in describing my emotions. What kind of writer am I, anyway?


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