The Story That Brought Me Here: To Alberta From Everywhere, edited by Linda Goyette



I promise tomorrow I will read something that doesn’t have identity as a major theme. And maybe I’ll also read some fiction. This is a collection of works, edited by Linda Goyette (who is a local treasure), about the experience of creating a new life in Alberta. I picked this up at a library book sale when I was on something that might have been a date, and when I picked it up an express checkout notice from 2008 fell out from where it had been bookmarking a page halfway through.

It’s easy to forget, when you live twenty minutes from the place you grew up, that there are literally millions of stories of how people came to be in this place. My experience is perfectly fine, but reading this book was a welcome reminder that there are lots more experiences than mine. And they’re wonderful stories. Rita Espeschit put it the best, I think: “I look again at the kaleidoscope: I don’t see order, but I see beauty. It is my story. It is everyone’s story. And stories, like the people who are owned by them, they are all that matter.”

Books read: 3


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