Re: Stacks (Arielle’s)

Every time I talk about stacks with fellow readers for Bookstravaganza, I think about this song, so you should listen to it as you read my post.

The Final Stack

The Final Stack

There’s a couple of books on here that were in my stack last year – my mom keeps trying to get me to read Outlander so I’ll try again this year (though I know full well it’s a sex book – thanks mooooooom).  A few others I started years ago and never finished, and figured I should probably finally get around to reading them.  I actually won my Tom Wolfe book a few months ago through a Tumblr competition of all things, and I won Lullabies for Little Criminals through a Grant MacEwan Twitter competition (proof that social media can, in fact, get you places occasionally).  And of course I should read this year’s Giller winner, Lynn Coady, whose book “The Antagonist” I read for Bookstravaganza last year and absolutely loved.

The books I’m most excited to read are Three Day Road, Heliopolis, and The Truth About Luck.  Why, you may ask?  Well, I have the extreme privilege of being able to go to a writers retreat in Iceland come April, in which authors from all around the world will be conducting writing workshops to very small groups of aspiring writers.  Joseph Boyden, James Scudamore, and Iain Reid will be among the writers there, and I figured it’d be best to familiarize myself with their work before I start to learn writing tips from them!  The only writer thus far who has a book I’ve read fully that will be at this retreat is Sara Wheeler, who wrote a little book called Antarctica and fellow reader Kelin can tell you why I’m not stoked about that one…

It’s an interesting blend of fiction and non-fiction, essays and thrillers, of books made into movies and of books that could never be brought to the screen, potentially great books and potentially awful books.  Here’s hoping I can actually put a dent in it this year, and don’t have to recycle any of these books for next year’s competition!


3 responses to “Re: Stacks (Arielle’s)

  1. Three Day Road was the best war book I’ve ever read and I’m including Timothy Findley’s The Wars and that one on the Civil War that I can’t recall the name that is a seminal book on war. It is as good as Catch 22 which I think is the best war book that could possibly be written. I will be interested to hear what you think about it and will try to catch up with some of your other reading through the library. And I expect a full report on the writer’s workshop in Iceland!

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