It’s Sort Of Almost Midnight, So Here’s My Stack

For safety, Kelin has multiple stacks.

For safety, Kelin has multiple stacks.

These are the books in my stack. Well, stacks, because I cannot walk around my house without tripping over something, and I feel that a tall stack of books would end up sprawled across the floor along with me.

Midnight is approaching. I’m going to start with… probably Will Grayson, Will Grayson, because YA lit is my heart. Other than that, most of these are books I haven’t found time to read. I don’t find enough time to read, because adult work life is harder to put off than school was.

I am not committed to these certain books, because I have the attention span of a mayfly (I assume that since their lifespans are short, their attention spans are too) and if something shiny comes along, it’s getting read first. Just a disclaimer, in case I look back and am disappointed with myself.

I have two Terry Pratchett, and some YA, and some nonfiction – I included Lean In because I borrowed it, and really need to read the books I borrow before I give them back. I also just noticed that Dorothy is also reading it, so I’m super excited now because I love doing things with friends.

I have a big list of other recommendations from the hair stylist who’s done my hair and my mother’s since I was 5, so any of those could easily replace some of these. And I doubt I will even make my way through this many books, and I KNOW that as everyone else reads, I will want to borrow what they have.

This is my short intro. Good reading to all! I can’t wait.


2 responses to “It’s Sort Of Almost Midnight, So Here’s My Stack

  1. I adored Will Grayson, Will Grayson. YA is the best — also a strategically good Bookstracaganza choice, because they’re usually quicker reads!
    I have Battle Royale on my Kobo “stack”; maybe I should put it higher up on the list! I agree, doing things with friends, especially book things, is the best.

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