For the Eternal Love of Reading

My Mother loves to tell the story about how I read books aloud before I had even learned how to read.  I would lay down on the living room floor with a book open in front of me, reading out loud and flipping the pages as I went.  Her friends would be amazed that her three-year old daughter was reading out loud, until she reached down and pulled the book away from me as I continued reciting the book, having memorized where the page turns were.  This was all made possible because my love of books, starting shortly after I was born, meant that every bed time when asked which bedtime story I wanted I literally brought a stack of books to read through.

Needless to say, when I learned there was an entire month devoted to reading through a stack of as many books as I could, I knew it was a challenge that had to be accepted.   The art form of reading actual books, preferably ones taken from a pile of adventures I haven’t had the chance to memorize yet means a month of actually taking my lunch break so I can read a few extra pages, or preferably half a book.

So my name is Caitlin, and my day job is running a not-for-profit charity which I started after graduating from the University of Alberta with a double major in Political Science and History.  Anyone who has taken a class in either subject should know that taking those two majors together means I love reading A LOT, particularly old books that have that very classic old book smell.

I’m excited to update you all as my stacks of books, both read and unread, pile up (take special note of the ones that are recommended by my reading icon, my 86 year old Grandmother), and  can’t wait to see where my first year participating in Bookstravaganza goes!




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