Marina’s Stack

Well, I’m certainly looking forward to Bookstravaganza 2013, how about you guys?

I’m going to be taking things a bit slower this time around. I’m still in recovery from a pretty major surgery, and Bookstravaganza starts just as I’m supposed to be heading back to work. Even now, in the weeks leading up to Bookstravaganza, reading is harder than it should be; I get distracted easily, and I’m always very tired. I’ve got nothing but time, but the books aren’t going very fast. Once December hits, my limited focus has to be pointed at recovery, work, and getting ready for the holidays.

So I’m not gunning for the title this year. I’ve set my goal at a modest ten books; I’m letting someone else beat Dorothy to the crown (please, for all that is holy guys, someone beat Dorothy).  My stack, pictured here, as well as my Kobo full of unread ebooks, is more than I can hope to read this December. But even if I don’t clear the whole to-read list, I’m pretty excited to knock a few off.

Bookstravaganza2013 stack


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