Dorothy’s Stack


Thoughts on this stack:

That’s a lot of books.
That’s a LOT of books.
Can someone draw me an Alot of books?
How have I gone my whole life without reading The Handmaid’s Tale? Margaret Atwood would be ashamed of me.
Why did I leave an office full of supportive women who bought me a copy of Lean In as a going-away present to go and work in a hallway full of dudes? Right, right, it’s an amazing opportunity to learn and grow and do really interesting work. And the book will help with that!
I hope Cormac McCarthy doesn’t ruin me again.
These are some really Canadian books.
I hope nobody gets mad that I’m reading Guy Delisle.
Why did I read Come Barbarians already? That would be perfect for Bookstravaganza!
I wonder if anyone else will read any political nonfiction.
I should read MORE political nonfiction.
But probably not more by Ignatieff. Did you know that Michael Ignatieff wrote a novel? And it doesn’t suck. Why am I reading Michael Ignatieff, again? I’m not even a federal Liberal.
I should add some F. Scott Fitzgerald, but I think Ford Madox Ford will fill that niche.
I wish I hadn’t already read Hellgoing!
Should I trade out one of the Vonneguts for Joe Clark’s new book?

I think I’m overthinking this.


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