An Introduction: Bookstravaganza 2013

“A Sword of Swords this, which sword-rich now did make me. Sword-some will’t now seem to sword-bearing brave warriors. No worse off for swords were I-worth am I three swords now-with the sword if, sire, seemly sheath be given”

Snorre Sturlasson, Heimskringla: History of the Kings of Norway.

I am a newcomer to Bookstravaganza but not to the concept of promoting literacy. I am currently a student teacher at Calder Elementary School and a large part of what I do is work with students who are struggling with reading or are just starting their voyage into the world of reading. I’m also working on a project there to try and get as many students in the school library cards, so that their voyages into literacy may continue even when school is out for the holidays or the summer.

I am using Bookstravaganza as an excuse to read many philosophical and historical texts I have either not had the time to previously read or that have slipped through the cracks, as well as continue reading some of the newer books in some of my favorite series like Deadpool and Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Chronicles.

This will be an adventure.



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