Matthew’s Stack

In my stack there is a book I borrowed, a book I’ve been given, a book that was abandoned, a book I won in a silent auction, a book I should have read a long time ago, a book that appeared in last year’s stack, a book I was recommended, a book I picked up at a literary festival, a book I bought for a dollar, a book that is signed, a book I found at a second-hand store, a book that belongs to my mother, a book I will lend to my mother, a book I will read.


But–like the stories within it–my stack is malleable. Books that I receive as gifts will be stacked on top. A book on hold at the library may interrupt another. I am open to suggestions. Should another title appear in my stack? Should a book be replaced with a better one? Let me know. I cannot say no to a good recommendation.


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