Bookstravaganza 2013: I Am a Part of All That I Have Read

Hello!   My name is Sydney.  I too was born a reader.  Having grown up a homely little child with a daydreaming mind, I don’t know what I would have done without novels.  I was condemned to them, while all my best friends were gymnasts and figure skaters.   I was the kid who brought a novel out to the barn to read with the animals.  The kid who started working on her parents book stacks after I finished mine.   And the kid that was constantly getting notes written home for reading novels on my lap, hidden ever so slightly under the desk, during class time (I’ve never been very good at being discrete, but as I see now it’s still the tried-and-true method of all university class-texters.)

Unlike most of us here at Bookstravangza, I am still at University, just finishing off my fifth and final year of school.   Last year when I participated in Bookstravaganza, I was traveling through Italy and France (quite the sentimental journey, haha) and there was really nothing better than reading A Farewell to Arms on the night train to Paris or curled up with Everything is Illuminated in the Rome hostel.   Unfortunately I wasn’t as good then about keeping up with the blogging, so this year I vow to do a better job at blogging my progress, but also keeping up with my goals.

Just to give you a look at who I am as a reader:

My favourite novels include Roots, The Poisonwood Bible, Atonement, Anna Karenina, No Country for Old Men, The Descendants, Everything is Illuminated, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Three Day Road, Monkey Beach and my most favourite: Dr. Zhivago.

Although a subject not as explored, my favourite non-fiction include Marie Antoinette: The Journey, Under the Banner of Heaven, Into the Wild, The Diary of Anne Frank, A New Earth, and Bossypants. 

Now I am simply counting down the days to December.  I really look forward to telling you more about this literary journey of mine!  Please donate to the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation this year so we can provide all school children with books they can ever so stealthily sneak into math class!


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