Bookstravaganza 2013: Looky, Looky, Here’s a Rookie!

As a rookie to Bookstravaganza, I am thankful the veterans have not initiated me in any way. For example, “Any new person must read War and Peace as their first book.” (So, thank you for not doing that!) One of the reasons I have decided to take on this challenge is simply because I have collected quite a stack of books from shops, swaps, and library sales over the years. However, I have neglected many of them, as I end up reading borrowed items from the library or I get busy with life, and sadly find myself watching more and more PVR’d television than I care to admit. So I am looking at this not only as an opportunity to dive into my dusty book collection, but also as a boob-tube cleanse.

I find that when I read, not only does my imagination grow, but I also bolster and polish up my vocabulary. So with my blog posts I will also incorporate one or two new words that I have learned and enjoyed. I also find reading is an excellent exercise in patience and self control. Many times I find myself too excited to settle into a book, because I am already charged up by what is next to read. So this is a personal exercise of being fully engrossed in the moment.

Besides my own personal gains and challenges, I hope people will find it in their hearts to pass on their own love of reading by donating to the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation. It doesn’t matter how much you donate. If you want to put a wager on how many books I will read, so be it. Or even if you donate $12, so you know at least one awesome book is getting into a school library, I think that is pretty fantastic too. Generosity is not meant to be a burden; it may be a personal challenge, but mostly it is meant to be a gift. Go with your heart!

Goal: 5-6 books (However, I would love to surprise myself and surpass this, thus the large stack below!)



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