Bookstravaganza 2013: Why I’m Doing This

Short answer: Dorothy, Matthew, and Arielle let me.

Long answer: Well, it’s 2013 and I’ve decided to participate in Bookstravaganza – again, after half-assing it last year. I adore Bookstravaganza, and I might as well build an altar to them for all the respect I have for the leaders of this project. I am honored to call its creators my friends, and its concept is phenomenal. I love variety, I love reading, and I love competitions. (I prefer competitions that I’m going to win, to be totally honest, but I’d like to pretend I’m mature enough that that doesn’t really matter.)

The twist this year – I can’t quite express how important it is.

Books have always sustained me. In elementary school, I wrote diary entries as various characters from books I loved. In high school, my prayers were answered and I met one of my favourite authors, instead of escaping Edmonton winter for my cousin’s Dominican Republic wedding. In university, I picked English, and a creative writing class, and I met some of the most inspiring people I will ever have the luck to know. Even now, I process my life through books and make sense of things through stories.

Having a chance to contribute to something that could be bigger than myself, that could help someone else forge the same connection I have to reading – that’s pretty incredible.

“We owe it to each other to tell stories,” wrote Neil Gaiman. And those stories need to be read. We can help that happen.

Out of Bookstravaganza, I hope to get a sense of personal satisfaction at having 25 fewer unread books in my house. But more strongly, I hope that the possibilities for others will outweigh the entertainment I get.

Whether it’s to egg us on, or make us stop asking, I hope everyone will consider donating this year! Help us forge ahead – and maybe join in yourself. After all, someone should make it hard for Dorothy.


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