Bookstravaganza 2013: For those with ink in our veins

Bookstravaganza 2013 is a very special edition of what has become a beloved holiday tradition. For the past two years, I have been able to take the Christmas season, already a favourite time of year, and indulge in two of my all-time favourite things: reading, and getting painfully competitive. This year, I get to add a third favourite to the mix: giving back to my community. I’m excited about the decision to turn Bookstravaganza into a fundraising endeavour, and I’m especially excited about the choice of the Indigo Love of Reading Fund. Because that’s what Bookstravaganza is to me: fostering a love of reading.

Like many of my fellow ‘stravaganzers, I have always loved to read. As a weird, lonely child, books taught me everything I knew about the universe. They showed me a vast and incredible world waiting to be explored, when around me everything was small and boring. Books were my friends when the world had no time for me. Books taught me kindness and compassion when the world was teaching me cruelty and selfishness. Books whispered promises of greatness in my ear when the world was trying to convince me to be less than I was.

These days, it’s easy to get swept up in the business of life. Sometimes, we forget about adventures and friends when we’ve got to wake up at 6:00am to fight rush hour traffic. Bookstravaganza is one glorious month where it’s not okay to keep forgetting that magic we felt in our childhoods; one amazing month to immerse ourselves in the written word and fill ourselves with dreams of greatness, so we can start the new year with passion and gusto.

For those of us with ink in our veins, Bookstravaganza is the jump start we need to go out and pursue the greatness we are meant to live.


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