Bookstravaganza 2013: An Intro Post

Bookstravaganza 2013 is almost upon us. It’s that time in winter when my bedroom lamp is lit late into the evening, when I stir pots of soup with a wooden spoon in one hand and a book in the other, and when my roommates and family need to watch where I’m walking because my gaze is usually between pages. I haven’t stooped to reading and driving yet—like one newsmaking municipal politician—but I have considered hiring a personal driver.

Bookstravaganza has treated me very well these past two years, and that is why I continue to observe it. December, the end of the year, is the perfect time to lessen the reading pile that’s been building by the bed and to use the stories in those books to reflect on the previous year.

I also observe Bookstravaganza because, for just one year, I’d really really like to read more books than Dorothy, drop a mic, and walk away. It may seem like I’m dreaming an impossible dream: Dorothy’s goal this year is 33, while mine is 20. I’m being reasonable based on my earlier achievements, but there’s a fire in me that yearns for victory and more books. (Don’t worry, the fire won’t destroy those books. It’s more like a warm hug.) I have a few tricks up my sleeve this year, and Dorothy just better watch her back.

I’m particularly looking forward to Bookstravaganza this year because we will also be raising money for the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation. If you enjoy following our blog and want to encourage us to read even more, please donate to the foundation on our behalf.

To my Bookstravaganza friends: I hope we all read as many books as possible!

And to my Bookstravaganza followers: I hope you can help us donate as many books as possible!


My overcrowded bookshelf.


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