Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, Chuck Klosterman


Yes, I know it’s January 2nd.  But I finished this book on December 30th while I was lying in a hotel bed instead of skiing since the plague hit me like a ton of bricks halfway through a bus ride to Panorama, BC.  I did not have working WiFi to blog about it (and WordPress hates my iPad) so I will now.

This was my introduction to Chuck Klosterman, and I definitely want to read more of his work now.  I feel like, despite his claims that he will never find a woman that will please him, Klosterman and I would make an excellent couple.  I especially enjoyed his chapter on The Sims; playing the game as an adult made me have a similar existential crisis (kind of).  I don’t agree with everything he says about pop culture, but it is intriguing to read other people’s intelligent opinions on what exactly Billy Joel’s purpose in the world is.

Final total: 10 (at least I made it to the double digits, better luck next year I guess!)


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