Reckless, Cornelia Funke

My brain is starting to shut down for the night, so I’m not sure what to say about Reckless. Cornelia Funke is an amazingly talented YA writer, though Reckless wasn’t my favourite of hers. Then again, it’s hard to compete with Inkheart and The Thief Lord (if you haven’t read those two, go fix that right now). Funke is brilliant at fantasy world-building, playing with familiar fairy-tale characters and motifs, avoiding the cliché as she spins the tales we thought we knew into something completely her own. Like the Inkworld before it, the Mirrorworld of Reckless is expertly crafted.

The book begins quite abruptly, and I’m not sure it worked for me. The language is very simple, like Funke’s work for younger audiences (think Dragon Rider, which you should also go read now), but the narrative itself seems more suited to an older audience, like the teen and YA novels I know her best for. Because of that, Reckless feels a bit disjointed, but it is still a pleasure to read. I especially loved the ending — very open, very ambiguous. Room for a sequel, should she decide, but not requiring one. It’s an ending that gives you room to think.


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