Freakonomics, Stephen Levitt and Stephen Dubner

Do you know how to think critically? Do you understand the difference between correlation and causation? If so, we should be friends. And you should also read this book.

Steven and Stephen are an interesting authorial team – one of them is a journalist and the other’s an economist. Since I’m getting ready to go to Matthew’s house, I’ll keep this review brief.   If you’re looking for an intense study of econometrics, this is not the book for you. If you’d like to know how economic theory applies to your everyday choices, and you don’t want to be bored by an econ textbook, this may be a more appropriate read. The authors choose entertaining and sometimes controversial examples – linking Roe v. Wade to decreased crime rates in the 1990’s is one of those. What they have to say makes a lot of sense. I’d recommend this book to anyone who’d like to have their thinking challenged.

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