The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls

Reading this on Christmas was a stupid decision. Jeannette Walls had a really crummy childhood, y’all. That’s what this book is about – all of the terrible things her alcoholic, irresponsible, manipulative parents did (and didn’t do) that made her childhood terrible. But beautiful too. This is a really difficult book to read, because for all the buckets they shat in, there are lovely anecdotes about her father giving her Venus as a Christmas gift. It’s frustrating, because as an adult who has a tepid relationship with her father (who, though he’s not my favorite person, is at the very least not an alcoholic and has never stolen money from me), I can see through the manipulation tactics and feel rage that Walls couldn’t feel towards her father when she was a child, because we aren’t supposed to get angry at our parents even when they are horrible to us – and parents should never manipulate their children.

Not the best book to read, you see, when you’re on a family vacation. Lesson learned.

Current Total: 24 (sorry Arielle, I read really fast, I can’t help it!)


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