The Logogryph, Thomas Wharton

Does Tom Wharton understand what a plot is? Is he allergic to narrative resolution?

Even after finishing The Logogryph, I have no idea what it’s supposed to be about. I’ve read some Wharton before, and he has this frustrating habit of being as obtuse and oblique as possible. He doesn’t want to spoonfeed his readers, and as a result he doesn’t give you any purchase in his writing to figure it out.

Frustratingly enough, Wharton writes some of the most beautiful prose I have read. If only I knew what he was saying.

If you like books that force you to think and puzzle to a dizzying extent, perhaps you’ll like The Logogryph. I certainly enjoyed every bit that I read — so much of it is about words and reading, one of my favourite topics — but at the end of it, I still didn’t know what I had read. So… maybe read it? I don’t know.

Tom Wharton, man. What even.


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