Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns, Andrea Gibson

“The caged bird sings.

The caged bird would rather be free.”

Decided to read some poetry because I’m so far behind in this and what difference does it make if I read a few one hundred page books anyways?  If you know me well, you’ll know that I am not a poetry person.  I used to write shit poems as an adolescent but once I realized they were complete shit and I was better off writing fiction and essays, I stopped completely.  I don’t even read poetry that often, though I do cherish my Leonard Cohen and Pablo Neruda.  I find a lot of contemporary poetry really irritating and pretentious (Howl, ugh, shoot me in the face), so actually enjoying this book was a pleasant surprise.

My friend had this sitting on her table yesterday when I went to pick her up for a party, and I was intrigued at the title, having no idea who the heck Andrea GIbson was.  I borrowed it, and finished it in just over an hour and absolutely devoured it.  Shortly afterwards I watched her perform many of these poems on Youtube and I have a new favourite person.  If someone, man or woman, ever wrote these words for me, they would have my heart in an instant.

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