Poets and Pahlevans, Marcello di Cintio

I had to be at the airport at 4 AM today. Naturally, I didn’t go to bed, and intended to sleep on the plane. Didn’t happen – we had a surprise first-class upgrade and I was too excited to sleep. Also: never waste an opportunity to consume free alcohol! So I read. I finished this book and started another that I didn’t finish before we got to Florida. And I’m sleepy, so I likely won’t finish it tonight. 

I’m finding it very difficult to herd my thoughts about this book into something coherent. I’m eating an egg sandwich while I write, and I want to tell you all about the severe lack of healthy, balanced, fresh food options in the supermarket we went to. Well, it wasn’t a supermarket. It was a Wal Mart. Even so! The Wal Marts at home aren’t this bad. I never realized there were so many types of Fruit Loop related cereal. 

My desire to talk about things that aren’t this book is an indicator that it wasn’t awesome. It was interesting, to be sure – I’ve been loving books about Iran lately, and as a travel memoir about off-the-beaten-path Iran, it’s great. But the technical writing is not stellar, so I’d be hesitant to recommend it to anyone who isn’t on an Iran kick.

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