MetaMAUS, Art Spiegelman

Somewhat related story: I hurt my arm this weekend, and I can’t use my right hand to turn pages or hold books open. I’m still going to win, though. Also, this book was a wonderful holiday gift from a top-notch fellow who should not be surprised that I started reading it just about as soon as I could.

I read Maus I and Maus II for Bookstravaganza last year and was blown away, which I understand is a common reaction. When I was in Paris in May, the Centre Pompideu had an exhibit of Art Speigelman’s work and as a newly minted Spiegelman obsessive, I needed to go to that and I did. I want to read all of the Spiegelman.

I’m a big fan of “making of” books – anything reflective, and I’m in. This book is a series of interviews and essays and things about the writing of Maus. I want to crawl into Art Spiegelman’s head and hang out there soaking in how it works. He’s hyper-aware of everything that he does in his writing – every single thing has a purpose and it was really wonderful to get to hear from him how that process works. There are also interviews with his children and his wife, Francoise, to find out what it was to have Maus be a thing in their lives. And there’s a transcript of the original interview with Vladek that formed the base of the story of Maus, and I am so envious of that source material – Vladek’s voice is so distinctive and Spiegelman captured it 100% perfectly.

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