Religion for Atheists, Alain de Botton

Quick disclaimer – I don’t believe in God. Some of you know that, some of you don’t, I don’t view it as an important topic of debate, so let’s move on.

Religion for Atheists examines Judaism, Christianity, and Buddhism and extracts the things that Alain de Botton feels religion gets better than secularism. His intent is to demonstrate that we can take those rituals and practices and strip them of their religiosity.

This isn’t one of de Botton’s better works – he flat-out ignored a lot of the (very similar) good things that secular groups and individuals do, which was frustrating. You want a sense of secular community, Alain? Come to my apartment one Friday night and I will give you a bowl of carrot soup; you will be welcomed to the table. 

Not my fave.

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