Queering the Way: the Loud & Queer Anthology, (edited by) Darrin Hagen

Queering the Way is a book I stumbled across in Chapters a number of months back, and I’m so glad I did. According to the introduction, this anthology is: “a permanent record of a pivotal time in Alberta’s Queer history, captured by the imaginations of a courageous and outspoken population of artists.”

This is an anthology of works from the Loud & Queer Cabaret, an exciting celebration of queer art that has been kicking butt in Edmonton for over twenty years. The Loud & Queer Cabaret was born out of some big, scary moments in Alberta’s queer history. I won’t spoil the surprise for you — Darrin Hagen tells the story in his introduction much better than I could.

I loved reading this anthology. Each story was honest, touching, and personal, and together they spoke to the larger community of queerness and art that Edmonton is surprisingly awesome at. As an artist and a queer woman still trying to understand her role in the queer community, it meant a lot to read something like this.

It’s also awesome to read things that come out of Edmonton. High-five for local art! There’s a lot of amazing things about this neat little city that deserves to be written about and read about. As someone on the fringes of Edmonton’s queer, theatre, and writing communities, there were a lot of names that I knew, which is always fun. (Fellow UofA creative writing students: pay close attention and you may catch a story by one of our favourite professors!)

If you’re interested in local works, read this anthology. If you like theatre and art that pushes the envelopse a little, read this anthology. If you’re a fan of queer writing, read this anthology.

Actually, just read this anthology.


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